Our Dogs

Our dogs are extremely important to us and bring us lots of joy.  Their enthusiasm for life and their constant positive outlook is heartwarming and often infectious.  It’s hard to spend any amount of time with dogs and not feel happy.

We like to keep our dogs in a large group  the majority of the time.  They are incredibly social and crave company.  This may not be true of all breeds, but Siberians love having other dogs around.  Sometimes they will live in smaller groups while we are out or if we have girls in season.   They all have their own individual personalities and quirks.   Some need slightly different handling/training than others.  Some have never been in trouble their entire life while others are more often never out of trouble!

If you are interested in the dogs, please visit our website page    The Dogs


relaxing in the sunshine

relaxing in the sunshine


  1. What beautiful dogs – Huskies, I was trying to contact Studio 51 a Berkshire Special FX company and logged into Mr Mrs Packs world of dogs.
    Hope all is well with you all, best regards, H & Kate.

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