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Snopeak’s Paranoidz for Arcticpack 06/12/2008- 03/01/2020


Dancer Prancer, Dancing Dancer, Little Pretty, Little Pudding.  Just some of the names for our wonderful girl we lost on the 3rd January.   Not only did we lose a very special dog, we also lost another of our best friends.


Dancer was one of those easy dogs.  Easy going, easy to live with, easy to work with, easy to love and one you never had to worry about in a team or in the pack.   She was accepting, adaptable, trusting and kept herself out of trouble.  She loved me, but adored Cam and was very much, his girl.  She was a beautiful soul, inside and out.

An absolutely gorgeous little puppy, she came to live with us along with her brother, Arko when they were 8 weeks old, from two of our longest and dearest friends in the breed.   They were teeny tiny little people and I remember there was snow on the ground when we arrived home.   Both of them slept on my lap the whole 4 hour drive back from Livingston.  We knew her mother, Kinny from a puppy and Dancer and Arko were hoped for even before their litter was properly planned.  They were both very much worth the wait.   Dancer had just the right amount of shy, inquisitiveness we like in puppies.  Not too bold, overpowering or bolshy, but quiet and thoughtful.   Once exposed to a situation she quickly gained confidence about it.  She became a very outgoing girl and a great dog for relying on to relax and teach others who were unsure about working in harness.


8 weeks old

9 years old


Dancer had a fascination with bugs and on more than one occasion I would find her in a dog box with a collection of earth worms.  Unharmed, all in a little pile.   She loved to chase moths in the dark and would leap about, catching them.  She had so many little quirks that I miss a lot.  The thing I have found I miss the most is her voice.  She always had something to say with her distinctive woo- woooo  and made a very specific little yipping noise when she was waiting to run in harness.   I didn’t realise how much i missed hearing her until I watched a training run video from my facebook memories the other day.  Dancer wasn’t even visible in the video until the very last part of it, but the minute I heard her off-screen in the background,  I just started to cry.

A decent enough leader for us, she loved to work in harness. She often ran single lead and was always, always at her best just before and during her season.  Once she had pups, and especially after she was spayed around 8 years old, she lost a bit of drive and much preferred to let the youngsters do all the grafting. (sensible!)  Even though she  did slow down a bit, she still missed working when she had to retire due to her illness.   When Pirate and Betty came to stay, she was instrumental in helping Betty become confident, happy and to actually enjoy being in harness.   She was a steady, sensible, cheery companion for Betts to learn from and taught her to enjoy what we were asking her to do.   I still remember those early runs with me, Dancer and Betty.   Betty would trot along, not pulling much at all, looking behind her and worried about the whole situation.  Dancer would slow down to her pace and just work away, pulling me on her own, steady and calm.  Sometimes she would lean over and kinda gently poke Betty in the face as if to say, ‘come on!  this is fun!’  With Dancers help Betty went from an insecure, unsure dog to a screaming, excited working sled dog who came to love her harness and everything it meant.


teaching Betty the ropes


leading the team with her brother Arko


Whether Dancer was indoors or out, she almost always slept curled up in that classic husky pose.  Even in summer.  She had a favourite spot out in the pen, in a little hollow between two tree roots. I often look at it and think of her.  Nobody else lies in her spot. When she wasn’t curled up, she would be lying with her legs crossed, looking ever so elegant.    In contrast to her chilled out persona at home,  when out and about, she was hard work to walk.  Usually always on two legs, dancing about or diving into bushes after some small furry thing that could be lunch.  She always loved going to the beach.   Vixen was her best friend and the pair of them lived together, indoors and out,  most of their lives.  She was a very playful dog, and her favourite game was a game of chase around one of the trees in the dog pen.  She especially loved doing this with her brother and they were always fun to watch as they chased each other and played with no boundaries the way only littermates do.


In her favourite spot


out for a walk


In 2013 she had a litter of 7 puppies.  Before they were born, Cam jokingly asked her how many pups she was having.  He started counting, and she just kept looking at him, tilting her head side to side.  He got to 7 and she woo’d at him.   He went past 7  and she went quiet again.  We did laugh when she actually had 7 puppies.  She was a lovely Mum and did everything she needed to do while they were tiny.  She was so sweet and she really didn’t want to discipline them much at all, so once they got bigger and got teeth, she was quite content for the Riot Police Aunties, Squeaky, Betty and Vixen to take over on that front.  When the pups were about 4 weeks old and meeting the other dogs, we would let her decide who she was happy with meeting them.  It makes me laugh thinking about it as the only dog she wouldn’t let near them for weeks was her brother, Arko.  She did love him lots, and they often spent a lot of time together, but she also knew he wasn’t called Asbo Arko for nothing. He got the ‘back off’ lifted lips teeth treatment for a while until she decided her puppies were big enough to cope with him.


with her gorgeous puppies


She remained very bonded with her 5 pups we kept, still washing faces and ears and sleeping with her daughters all together in a dog box.   It’s so sad to see Neeta and Olivia tucked up together without their Mum.  When she became poorly and moved indoors, even her loutish sons would barrel into the dog pen, chasing each other about, but when their mum came out to see them, they always had a gentle ‘hi mum’ lick of her muzzle for her, before going back to charging about being louts.

tucked up with her daughters


the tree game


In spring of 2019 she started to become unwell.  Pancreatitis was the likely culprit.  Lots of tests, meds etc and several months later, she had declined so much and was a shell of herself. Given her family history, I strongly suspect cancer was involved somewhere.   She weighed just over 13kgs and although she seemed happy enough to potter about and just be with her friends, she quit eating anything at all and what we were asking of her became unfair.  It was very obvious she wasn’t going to get better and we had to make the call to let her go.  It was one of the hardest, most difficult decisions we have ever had to make about the dogs.   We all miss her so much.

Thank you Dancer, for everything you gave us.  I’m sorry we couldn’t make you better.
Sleep tight my Little Pretty and say hi to everyone for us x    We will love and miss you forever xx









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