Posted by: arcticpackseppalas | January 2, 2019

The first run of the new year.

Ok, so we ran in the dark on the 1st of January 2019.  That means no pictures.   But it was a nice run all the same.  The 9 dog team was led by 5.5 year old Lester and his 10-year-old mum, Dancer.   It was around 6 degrees, windy and as it is a lot of the time where we train, about a million % humidity.   The weather seems to get worse each year with no consistent winter temperatures.  It was nearly 12 degrees on boxing day.  Depending on the dogs you run and what they can cope with, it does make it more difficult to train with any sort of goal or consistent mileage in mind.  That said, we are pretty lucky in that we can usually train every month of the year here.   Last year was also much drier than usual which meant hardly any training at all in rain and mud.   We even got a few rare snow days!  Coldest run from the pictures was January at -4.   The warmest was July at 12 degrees.

2018 training

At the beginning of December, Little Vixen was quite poorly.   She ended up running a high fever and was pretty miserable and lethargic.  After some bloodwork, she was started on antibiotics and is now back to her old self.  She had some enforced time off from running, but has started back and did a nice, steady couple of miles with her brother early doors on new years day.  Vixen has now made herself a permanent house dog and has taken over Betty’s role in keeping old Norris company.  She certainly isn’t as ‘motherly’ as Betts was, and Norris often finds himself getting bossed about instead of looked after.  Poor Hexie is sometimes not even allowed in the door.  Hexie is our big, shouty GSD and it’s hilarious to see her pause at the steps and be worried about going inside  due to this tiny little Siberian Husky who is standing there with body language that screams ‘you shall not pass!’.  There is no aggression on Vixen’s part at all.  No hackles up, no growling etc, just a bossy look and posture that says ‘Nope.  Not until you pay the toll’.  The toll, of course is one of us telling her to pack it in and let the GSD  inside to her bed.

In contrast to our dark, new years run we had a rare daylight run for our last outing of 2018.  At this time of year almost all of our training runs are in the dark.   It was ridiculously warm for the end of December at 11 degrees and humidity in the high 80’s.   The dogs coped fine, but we did do a short stop so I could clear some branches from the trail and Cam gave the dogs who wanted it a little water.  I’ve posted a few pictures below.    It was a really nice run with 8 dogs and the two of us.  One of those runs worth recording seeing as it was daylight.  Of course, that only works if you actually take the lens cap off the video camera before you set off…..

Happy new year to all our family, friends and followers!  Best wishes to you all for 2019.

Pirate yelling hurry up

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