Posted by: arcticpackseppalas | May 11, 2016

Icynights Shadow of Arcticpack 6/10/01 – 10/5/16

Yesterday, with the help of our vets we said a sad goodbye to our oldest dog, Kai.   He went very quickly and very peacefully and I’m glad we could both be with him when he did.


Siberians are so incredibly, frustratingly stoic.  What they can live with and deal with on a daily basis, often unbeknown to their owners will never cease to amaze me.  The day before yesterday Kai ate his breakfast, even jumped about silly waiting for it, went for a short walk and did what he did most days, slept so peacefully the way old dogs do.  By the late afternoon he wasn’t doing so good and we took him down to the vets.  Although not looking too great, he walked and he was treated with some drugs to help him stop feeling so sick and a painkiller to make him more comfortable.  By the next morning he was very poorly despite staying up with him and giving fluids orally every hour.  I took him back down to the vets with the help of  very good friend and this time carried him in with a view to getting him on a drip.  The vets took a xray of his abdomen and that pretty much made the decision for us. His liver had enlarged to an unimaginable size.   Cam and I along with the help and advice of our vets, decided that giving him fluids would only make him a little more comfortable for a very short space of time.  So, we made the call to let him go.

It is always a horrible decision to make and it’s never easy to sign your name on that form.  But deep down, you know it’s the right thing.  It’s the last kindness we can show them.  Every time we lose a dog it breaks our hearts.  Each and every one of them touches your soul in a different way.  I miss his little face very much this morning.

Kai was a gorgeous big lad.  I still remember the night we went to pick him up.  He was a monkey as youngster and had quite the history of eating all sorts of inappropriate things from a bag of potatoes to socks and remote controls.  He had a cast iron stomach!  Kai was also a great escape artist in his younger days and taught us everything we needed to know about husky proof gardens.   We were very lucky he loved food so much and came back for a biscuit.  He absolutely loved the showring (most likely because he was getting fed to be there) and his tail would always, always be wagging.  Even as an elderly 14 year old with a liver and kidneys on the way out, and getting a bit senile, he never missed a trick about getting a biscuit.  He knew every time when we were going out and he would in the kitchen waiting, all bright-eyed and alert for those all important biscuits he would get before we left.  I will miss him and our little routine when I’m back at work.


Happy Kai at the Scottish siberian husky club show where he won BIS at just under 10 years old.    Thanks to Helen Wood for the picture.

He was never that keen on the working thing and was more content to go for a walk with his lifelong best friend Kifa.  The two of them really were great friends and were always together.  Both Kifa and Kai were our original two dogs.  There is a great sadness about losing them.  But lots of gratitude they came into our lives and that we have the life and dogs we do today because of them.  They paved the way for our passion about the breed followed by our love of mushing.

As is usually the case after losing a dog, it’s very quiet here today.  I miss his scuffing feet on the carpet and his eyes lighting up at the thought of his breakfast.

Sleep tight our wonderful old man.  I hope you find Kifa and an endless supply of biscuits xxx
We will miss you forever xx

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