Posted by: arcticpackseppalas | September 27, 2015

Acryse Senator of Arcticpack. 16/03/01 – 27/09/15

There inevitably comes a time in every kennel when you lose the first dog that you bought, that got you well and truly hooked on getting more.  For us, that day was today and I am typing through tears.

Kifa was our first dog we bought together and some 14 years later we now have a kennel full of dogs and lead a life that revolves around them.  We owe all that to Kifa.  We could never have imagined that such a gorgeous, cute, innocent little thing could turn out to be so much hard work and quite the little terror.   He was a rather possessive, wild little guy and taught us a heck of a lot about dogs in a very short space of time.  He grew up to be a real nice dog and with some understanding was no trouble as an adult.

Of course, being our first dog and totally new to the breed, we thought we could train him and let him off lead.  Which we did and it all went fine until he got past the puppy stage.  Then, as happens to the vast majority of them Siberian-ness got the better of him and things were too tempting not to disappear after.  He especially loved people and running after children in the park to say hello to.  Not all children were particularly happy to have a young Siberian launch themselves at them and try to lick them to death.  And although the woman whose car he jumped in was very nice about the situation, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t all that impressed either.  The toddler seemed pretty happy though and was giggling away while Kifa said hello. After the jumping in the first car he could find with a door open escapade, he was relegated to on lead exercise only unless in a properly secure area.   As a youngster Kifa was also incredibly embarrassing when out for a walk if he wanted something.  For example, we couldn’t walk past the local pet shop without him going in for a biscuit.  Otherwise he would stop in his tracks pull back on his collar and just scream like he was being tortured.   He would do similar on walks if there was a dog or people he wanted to say hello to.  He was a great dog for doing fundraising events with.  He loved everyone.

In less than a year along came Kai and the two of them became lifelong best friends.  As they aged and became elderly gents, they were much happier living together with just each other and of course spent a lot of time on the couch. As youngsters they ‘worked’ in harness but it quickly became apparent they much preferred the going somewhere aspect of running in harness, but not so much them doing the work part of it.  They did run a few races though and always got round.

with his lifelong pal kai. taken a couple of years ago.

with his lifelong pal, taken a couple of years ago.

In the last couple of years Kifa developed various health problems, some of which were worse than others.  Until this morning he was still eating everything we gave him and although slowing down quite a bit, still enjoyed his walks.  This morning he refused food and pretty much just didn’t want to get up at all.  Things went downhill from there and along with our vet we made the decision to let him be at peace.

It will be very, very strange and sad here without him.   He has been with us from the start.   I am so glad he came into our lives and that he opened up a whole different direction for our lives to go in.  We have both lost such a good friend and I truly hope he loved his life with us as much as we loved having him.   Kai will be lost without him.

Sleep tight our wonderful old man.  We will miss you forever xxxx

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