Posted by: arcticpackseppalas | November 11, 2014

Langfaulds Xera of Arcticpack.

Last night we had to say a sad goodbye to one of our best friends.   My only comfort is that we could be with her when she left us.   It’s an inevitable fact that dogs get old but sometimes it sneaks up on you so fast you really aren’t that aware of it.   I am very guilty of believing  our dogs are always going to be there and I just wish we could have longer with them.  Much longer.

Caileag or Witchy as she became known, was a wonderful big dog.  She was our third dog and our first GSD.  She grew up with Siberians and every time we added more of them she just accepted it and took the puppies under her wing.   Her favourite Siberian puppy was Norris and she was very protective of him.   She took on the roll of keeping an eye on the on lead Siberians when we were out for walks.  If one managed to escape (which happened on a couple of occasions) she would go get them and bring them back.  It was like she knew they weren’t supposed to loose and boy would they get a row from her for it!  Witchy also loved to work in harness and was actually pretty good at it.   She would often free run with the team on training runs.  She loved to play fetch with you and absolutely loved carrying around and chewing sticks.
















As all GSD puppies are, she was adorable as a youngster and grew to be a very beautiful girl.   She did try a bit of showing, but she got so excited she couldn’t keep quiet and barked the whole time she was in the ring, wagging her tail and generally finding the whole experience way too much fun.   That was how she looked at life in general.   Everything she did she did with enthusiasm.   She had a fantastic temperament with people and would regularly attend fundraising events with us when we used to do working displays etc with the Siberians.


It is very sad and quiet here without you Witchy.   Hexie is looking for you.  We are so sorry you had to leave us but I hope you are now at peace.

Sleep tight my beautiful girl, we will miss you forever  xx





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