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Is it winter yet?

We are now well into summer and it’s been lovely and dry (mostly) with warm temperatures.  We are regularly getting days up at 20 degrees.  ( i can hear our friends in the states or even down south in Englandshire laughing at 20 degrees being ‘hot’) Great for sunbathing but not so great for running dogs.  That said, we are still managing out maybe once  a week either very early morning or later on at night on the cooler days.   The main problem has been that it has been very humid for weeks on end.   The dogs can cope with running shorter distances around 12 – 14 degrees but if it’s humid then they would really struggle to cool down and it becomes dangerous, so we don’t tend to run when humidity is very high with warmer temps.

Back in April we went to the Scottish Siberian Husky Club show with Squeaky, Neeta, Lester and Ginger Joe.   It was a lovely day spent catching up with friends and even better with Lester and Neeta winning their classes.  Joe came second behind his brother.  Squeaky came second in her class and little Naughty, Noisy Neeta won Best Puppy in Show!

The end of may was SKC show.  This time we took three puppies as we assumed Squeaky would be in season by then we didn’t enter her….  She has only just come into season now so we should have entered her!   Joe was in puppy dog and won his class with his brother Lewis 3rd. .  Lester was in junior dog and won his class and  Best Puppy Dog.   Neeta was in puppy bitch and came 3rd.  She seemed to be a bit spooked by the hall compared to her greedy brothers who will do pretty much anything for food.

June was Border Union show where we had Squeaky and Lester entered.  Unfortunately Lester dropped his coat and some condition with it and coupled with him hitting the gangly yearling stage , we felt he was just the wrong side of lean to be going to a show so he stayed at home.  Very pleased to say Squeaky won her open bitch class.  Thanks to all the judges at the above shows.

The puppies turned 1 back in May and are now huge with masses of yearling energy and mischief.   Big Norris who is now 10 and usually keeps an eye on the proceedings has pretty much given up trying to teach them any manners and just prefers to relax in the sunshine with his buddy Pirate.   The puppies are slowly  learning from the adults that sunshine = relax and chill time, but it only lasts about half and hour before Lester gets bored and starts randomly barking at dogs until someone gives in and chases him.  Then all the puppies get up for a riot running about and Vixen and Betty feel they have to join in to act as the riot police.  Norris, Wilson and Pirate make a sharp exit and retreat to the reasonable safety of a dog box (unless a puppy decides to try to dive in it.  This usually ends in tears) while Arko just watches from higher up.    Game over is when Arko decides he has had enough and gets involved.  (Arko has obviously forgotten that yes, he absolutely used to be this annoying too) Everyone settles down again either chewing some kongs or sleeping.  Every so often they live in different groups to get a break from each other.  Mainly the adults getting a break from the over enthusiastic puppies. The youngsters can then run about to their hearts content without fear of getting told  to calm it and the adults can snooze peacefully without fear of getting ran over the top of.   Sometimes the puppies are separated so they are not totally reliant on each other or manic screaming mentalcases when one leaves the group to come indoors or go to a show etc.  The majority of the time though our running dogs all live together as a group.  Our 4 older dogs live together as a separate group.

Lester on the lookout for mischief to get involved in.

Lester on the lookout for mischief to get involved in.


relaxing in the sunshine

relaxing in the sunshine

Old man Kifa finds a sunny spot after his breakfast and pretty much doesn’t move from it all day until it’s time for his walk or his dinner.  Kai does similar but gets up now again to check the girls are still in the pen next to him.  Old Witchy spends her days sticking her feet in the water buckets and Hexie LOVES the summer as there are far more people/cats/birds/rabbits/shadows to bark at and protect us all from.

Hope everyone is having a good summer and fingers crossed the rest of it stays dry and sunny.  As much as I do love the light nights and warm weather, I am wishing for cold, snowy days running dogs.  Looking forward to when the weather starts to turn and there is a chill in the air.



  1. Happy Birthday Monkey Dogs!!!

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