Posted by: arcticpackseppalas | January 4, 2013

4th January

A year ago today I was thousands of miles away from home.  I spent the Christmas holidays playing in ridiculous amounts of snow and equally ridiculous temperatures.   

A year ago today we said goodbye to our wonderful Mohceh.  It was unbearable hearing the words ‘I think it’s time’ and knowing Cam was right and there was nothing I could do.  I so wanted to be there to say goodbye to Mo and to share the responsibility of the decision to let him go. I felt, and still feel incredibly guilty Cam had to make the decision himself but i trusted completely that he made the right choice. 

I often worry that we will forget dogs we have lost, that they will just slip into the mists of forgotten memories.  You never do though.  Even though you may not think of them every day, there will always be something that makes you think of that dog and make you smile. Sunsets often remind of Mo. 

This year we travelled down to Glasgow to see family for christmas.  We had a really lovely dinner on christmas day with my Mum and Dad, my brother, Gran and Aunt.  And Lyscha of course.  On boxing day we went over the water to see Cam’s Mum and Dad and had a proper Glasgow curry.  With proper spiced onions! 

On the way home we stopped in at Bowland Trails to see John, Mary, George and Bob.   We had a great time and so did the dogs who got to run about one of the fully enclosed paddocks as well as get a few runs in harness.  I don’t think we had at Bowlands since we lost Mo.  When I was out as passenger with John running a team, we came to a particular part of the trail that ran alongside a field that is usually home to sheep.  I had a quiet chuckle to myself as I remembered running past the same spot with Mo in lead and coming to a sudden halt as he tried his best to dive through the fence into the field after the sheep.  He had a larger than life personality and always made us laugh.  One of my fondest memories of him was as a young puppy walking along the main street in Fort William.  Everyone was looking and pointing and had a smile on their face.  I assumed they were all admiring our beautiful puppy.  When i looked down to tell him he had some admirers, I realised why they all had a smile on their face.  He was proudly trotting along, head held high and his latest ‘prize’ carried in his mouth.  The ‘prize was a stolen See you Jimmy hat he had sneakily pinched from a basket outside a shop on his way past.  We had to walk back up the street trying to work out where he got it so we could sneak it back!

A happy new year to all our friends and family.  We hope this year is a good one for you all xx



  1. hello – can someone call me on 020 3614 1444 to chat about a possible interview on the show this evening.

    many thanks


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