Posted by: arcticpackseppalas | December 4, 2012

Rally weekend at Darnaway

The 1st and 2nd December saw us attend our first race this season.  Organised by Matt and Helen Emery for the SHCGB it was a well run, friendly and enjoyable event.   We only did one race last season and I (lisa) wasn’t even at it.  I think it’s been two seasons since I was at a race.  I really enjoyed Darnaway and it was great to catch up with people we don’t often get to see.   For once, we managed to get to a race site without forgetting something !  And the help we had getting dogs to the start was much appreciated and made for a stress free weekend.  Thanks everyone who helped us. 

For varying reasons, the dogs hadn’t been out much in the weeks before the race and we also weren’t sure whether we would have 6 dogs or 5 fit to run in the team due to Arko having a bit of a mishap a couple of weeks before.   Fortunately Arko turned out to be fine and was able to lead the team with Wilson.  Vixen and Betty B ran swing and Pirate and Dancer ran wheel.

The trail for 6 and 4 dog was 4.3 miles and pretty technical, not to mention a tad hilly…..  It is really nice underfoot for the dogs with mostly grassy trails.  The saturday run went much better than the sunday run (sunday saw two tangles that meant Cam had to get off twice to sort the dogs)  and we were very surprised, but happy to find out we had won the 6 dog class over the weekend.  We were even more delighted that the leaders got all their turns spot on as turns are something we have struggled with.  It’s really wonderful to see the dogs so confident in taking their turns.  

Cam ran Squeaky in the bike-jor class and managed a 2nd place over the weekend.  He also managed to fall off the bike on the saturday……he claims it was because the trail was muddy and slippy, but i think Squeaky may have pushed him off for making her run in the mud…..ha ha!  The bike-jor trail was 3 miles.

Me and Mr Norris ran in the scooter class and came 1st over the weekend.   The scooter class was  a 1 mile trail (same for the mad people that do cani-x !) and thankfully we had no hills to run up!  

We had a great time at the race and Darnaway is such a lovely venue.  Thanks to Matt and Helen for organising it.  



  1. Well done on your fantastic results 🙂

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