Posted by: arcticpackseppalas | June 19, 2012

Sunshine, seasons, and dog shows..

Well, the weather this year has been a tad all over the place.   March and May were really warm and sunny.  The temperatures in May got up to 30 degrees!   The dogs really enjoyed the warm weather and spent their days sunbathing to the point of baking before moving to the shade.    Aside from a week or so in May where it was really just too warm, we still managed to run the dogs.  Either early morning or later at night.  Looking back through our training log the temps were as low as 4 degrees some mornings.    We spent a lovely afternoon with our friends Scott, Maggie, Sharon and Gregor having a bbq on one of the hottest days.   It got up to 33 degrees.  The next day the temperatures were 10 – 12 degrees!   The temps kept bouncing around and then settled around 6 -13 degrees for most of June so we have managed a couple of runs.    I can’t remember us ever running dogs in June.  Usually April, possibly May is the last runs for us before it gets too warm.   The long days are great up here.  If the sky is clear, it doesn’t really get dark.   It’s really lovely to have so much dry, bright weather.

April, May and June have been taken up by seasons.  It seems the girls thought a month each would be good this year instead of all coming in together.   Arko and pirate have been beside themselves.   Betty and Dancer have still to come in!!   It really is like someone has taken your normal, easy-going boys away and replaced them with absolute idiots.   They don’t even know what their own name is and if the girls come out a dog box or even move, it sets off a 10 minute whinging/screaming fest.   They pace about, some wont eat, they either get grumpy or amorous with each other and the later usually ends up in someone being grumpy.   they don’t fight, but they just get less tolerant of being in each others space.  Once the girls are at the height of their seasons we get two or three days where Arko just screams 24/7.     If we bring him inside he stands beside us and just whinges at us.   With the occasional paw slap.   It always amazes me that one morning everything is just suddenly back to normal.  it’s like someone flicks a switch and all the nonsense is just gone.

At the beginning of June Cameron and Squeaky went on a road trip to Southern Counties dog show.  Squeaky hates getting a shower in preparation for a dog show, but she knows that means she is going somewhere with Cam and gets all excited.   When we take her out for a walk after having a shower she goes and stands at the car and looks at us, then back at the car as if to say ‘I go in there, hurry up and let me in!’   She is so funny.   Southern Counties is rather a long way away when you live up here so they both stopped off at various places on the way down and back up.  Huge thanks to those who let them stay over to make the trip much more pleasant.   The judge for the show was breed specialist Tracey Pittock and we are delighted to say Squeaky won the bitch CC and BOB under her.    This is her first CC and ours.   it was of course, a cause for celebration!   We would like to say thank you to Matt and Helen for allowing Squeaky to come live with us and to Tracey for thinking so highly of her.  We would also like to thank everyone for the cards, emails, phone calls and messages of congratulations.   They were all very much appreciated.    Squeaky is such a special little girl and ever since we saw her at 4 weeks old has stolen our hearts.   She charms everyone she meets and always manages to get what she wants.   She absolutely adores Cameron.  Me, not so much…….I’m pretty sure she thinks i’m just the skivvy that feeds her!   Definitely a little princess.  

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