Posted by: arcticpackseppalas | April 28, 2012

So much for keeping a blog up to date…..


But hey ho, I knew it would happen.  To write a blog you have to be good at two things.  1 – writing and 2 – remembering to write.   Neither of these things I am very good at. 

Lately, some good friends have lost dogs.  Dogs we have known and who have touched our hearts.   As we lost Mohceh in January and still think about him daily, it got me to thinking what these dogs actually mean to us.  And how they enrich our lives.   The pain and heartache of losing our dogs is very much like losing a family member.  You either love dogs enough to understand that or you don’t.  Plain and simple.  People often say, ‘oh it’s just a dog’ and ‘how can you be so upset’ but they really are more than ‘just a dog’.  

When you keep a kennel/pack/group of dogs or indeed a single dog, you spend so much time with them they become such a major part of your daily routine.  Or they should.  The dogs are always happy to see you, never hold grudges against you and always, always just want to please you.  They forgive easily and have endless amounts of trust, even those who have been mistreated. 

 The dogs have brought us closer to many people we otherwise would never have met.  We have met many good friends through the dogs and in fact our whole life has changed because of them.  We have also been to many places we would never have been if we didn’t have the dogs.  They cheer us up when we are feeling sad and make us laugh on regular basis.  Each dog has its own little personality (well, some of them have quite big personalities!!) and each dog has its own little quirks.  They communicate with you in their own way and some do like to ‘talk’ to you.   People who don’t own dogs think you are mental talking away to dogs, but even though I’m not daft enough to think the dogs can understand what we say, they do love hearing our voices chattering away to them.  When you speak to them they all crowd around you, ears back, tails wagging, woo-wooing away and it really is lovely to be surrounded by these animals who give you so much love.   Their happiness and cheeriness is infectious and it is hard not to be around dogs without smiling and feeling calm.  Even on days where someone has really pissed you off, all you have to do is go sit with the dogs and life just seems much simpler. 

In all honesty, I can’t really remember what life without dogs was like.   I know I wouldn’t like a life without dogs.  Sometimes you do have to sacrifice things like regular holidays, sometimes you miss family things because you are away with the dogs or can’t leave the dogs.  Most of the time only one of you is able to go to parties/weddings etc.   You always have to be ‘back in time for the dogs’.   Other people see it as a lot of work, but it isn’t really.  (well, maybe ask me that when the girls are in season….you might get a different answer….)    Pretty much everything we do revolves around the dogs.  Our ‘social life’ consists of seeing friends in the forest at stupid o’clock in the morning at the weekends.   Some people think we have given up too much for not much gain.   These people will never understand what dogs mean to us.   It has  become a way of life for us and one that brings us a lot of joy.

Sadly, the price of that joy they bring to us is the absolute heartache we feel when they have to leave us.  

happy dogs, happy us.

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