Posted by: arcticpackseppalas | February 7, 2012

New friends and happy dogs.

Recently Cameron got to talking with a lovely couple who regularly walk past our house. Alan and Noreen have moved here from South Africa and live just along the road from  us.  They stopped one day to ask about the dogs and seemed quite interested in them.  One day as they were passing they asked if they could bring a friend over to meet the dogs as they had been telling her about them and she was really eager to meet them.  This was of course, fine with us and we left them with warnings of ‘Tell your friend they jump up and to wear old clothes!’  

Now, some people you kind of worry a bit about meeting the dogs.  Some people just don’t really ‘get’ how to behave around dogs, or they think they want to meet them but soon change their mind when the dogs start saying hello.  We had no need to be worried about Liesel who came to visit us and the dogs.  She loved them!  And they loved her.    So much in fact she came back for a second visit before she sets off on her sailing trip.  The dogs were their usual exuberant, cheery, bouncy selves and as always, loved meeting someone new.

Willie Wilson says hello

It is lovely to have such nice people visit who are genuinely interested in the dogs and can see and understand why we have them.  I hope Liesel got to share in some of the joy they bring to bring to us.   We are just sorry we couldn’t take her out for a run with the dogs as the van is being less than co-operative……  Next time Liesel! 

Liesel under a pile of dogs..


  1. Happy doggies, happy new friend xxx

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