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The Alaska blog(s)………it’s gonna be a long one…

In fact, it will probably be over several posts and I apologise in advance for boring anyone to tears. 

So, this winter I went on my travels, halfway across the world to Alaska.  My first time ever in the United States and my first trip on a plane in over 10 years!  I’ve never really been worried about flying but the thought of having to deal with and successfully navigate FOUR airports had me mildly panicked.   My journey started at Aberdeen airport where a lovely man took my bags off me, sent them on their merry way and pointed me in the right direction.  Aberdeen airport is a kid on airport really……. no underground trains, only one terminal and little teeny tiny planes.  Wasn’t i in for a treat when i got to Heathrow!    After saying cheerio to my wonderful husband I proceeded to the cattle market that is airport security.  Surprisingly with my luck, it went without a hitch and after lounging about the airport for an hour I was off to London……..

London Heathrow was not fun.  London never is.  I had just under an hour from when the plane landed before my next flight left.  Luckily, J had written me out an idiots guide to Heathrow and it had all the directions i needed to get from A to B via train and never-ending escalators, sharpish.  So I started the next leg of my journey.  Onwards to Seattle! 

cheerio UK!

I can’t remember exactly how long the Seattle flight was but it was three and a bit films long.  So, quite a while.  Fog thick enough that I couldn’t see the plane’s wing from the window did not make for a very pleasant landing!  When I arrived it was 4pm ish in the afternoon.  To me it was actually some ridiculous time in the morning.  The first hurdle was U.S immigration.  The queue i was in had two guys serving it.  One was cheery, nice to look at and everyone seemed to pass through no problems……..the other guy was the opposite of cheery,  just as nice to look at and seemed to find it fun to send people to ‘the other room’. ………..Guess which one i got..?   Standing in the queue as it inched forward I was willing it to be Mr Cheery, but no I got Mr Not so Cheery.   It turns out he wasn’t that scary and asked all sorts of questions about where I was staying, what was job back home and the best one was, did I have a boyfriend in the U.S….this brought about a response of ‘WAHAHAHAHA!!’ on my part and I did manage to make him smile as I explained i had a husband back home who was looking after 13 dogs while I went on holiday.  He stamped my passport and sent me on my way to pick up my bags and go through customs.  This went without a hitch and as I wandered off in search of where I was supposed to go next, some guy appeared and said, ‘I’ll take your bags.  All bags on here please.’  He pointed to another conveyor belt remarkably similar to the one I had  just taken my bags off moments before…..  I looked about and everyone else seemed to be doing what they were told and putting their bags on the belt so i did the same.  We were sent on our way again and ‘our way’ involved another train journey before a final escalator climb up to baggage reclaim….the real one.  Next I had to dump my bags at left luggage and head to my hotel for the evening.   Finding where I needed to be to get the courtesy bus to the hotel required help and a lovely man came to my rescue and walked me over to the bus stops.  This was one of things I really enjoyed about my whole time in the states.  Everyone was really friendly, helpful and genuinely seemed happy to have you visit their country. 

Next morning was the last leg and my flight to Alaska.  Alaska Airlines are really great.  What a friendly bunch.  The pilot thought it was funny to welcome us onboard our flight to Hawaii!  This flight wasn’t very long and the time passed quickly due to being able to get online whilst in the air.   Coming in to land at Anchorage was a tad bumpy like Seattle and I couldn’t wait to get off the plane.  It was a little after lunchtime when I arrived and snowy!!  Yay!   Peter and J had both come to collect me and after picking up my bags we were headed off to Willow (well, actually we headed for food first..) and the wonderful house that was to be my home for the next month. 

I had made it to Alaska!

home sweet home for me for a month, as beautiful on the inside as it is out.


  1. Hanging on with anticipation! Next chapter, please! 🙂

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