Posted by: arcticpackseppalas | January 17, 2012

The new guys….

So, I had a look back at the website and it seems I haven’t updated anything since about July last year…..oops!  

One of the main things that happened at the tail end of last year was our two new additions arriving and I really think they should get an introduction.  Pirate and his sister Betty came to us at the very end of october 2011 a few months short of their 4th birthdays.   They are pretty much brother and sister to Arko and Dancer and they have settled in well.      Their parents are Chatanikas Ozzy of Articmoon and Rimrocks Bea of Articmoon.  They are both typical of their Sepp lines in that they are lovely to look at, are a joy to work and live with and are both very willing to please. 

Before they came we were aware there was a possibility that Betty didn’t seem all that keen on running but Pirate was. Their first run in harness with us was exactly the opposite……. Betty had a great time and Pirate was a bit overwhelmed by his new team.  

Over the next few runs though it became apparent that Pirate just needed a bit of confidence in us and our dogs and has been running great ever since.  Betty on the other hand decided it was all a bit much for her and just seemed a bit unsettled by the whole ‘running’ thing.  She got especially worried about hook up and once running would pull on her neckline, look around her all the time and generally act like she didn’t want to be there. .   We took her right back to basics, started with scooter runs following the team and hooked her up further down the trail away from the rest of the dogs.   After a few runs we then hooked her into the team on the last mile home and then started to hook her in earlier in the run.  Once she seemed comfortable and consistent with this we started her in a two dog team.  Again, at first we hooked the two dog team up away from the main team and followed on behind once they had passed.   Something seems to have worked as she is now not only happily running forwards in an 8 dog team and getting hooked in with everyone else,   she is actually starting to take some weight and do some work.  She has had a few runs now up front of a four dog team and really seems to be enjoying herself.   Enjoying herself a bit too much now perhaps as she has started screaming to get her harness on, line bites and shouts at the dog next to her…….

We are very happy to have them  here and are hopeful they will both be great additions to the team.  


Betty Boo


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